Why this Conference

Why this Conference

The needs of students within educational settings are constantly changing. Moreover, the needs of our students present new challenges for educators every day. In order to best serve our schools, classrooms, and students, we must continue to grow and adjust the way we communicate, guide, and teach throughout the entirety of the educational system.

This conference is here to help you navigate the struggles that we as educators, family members, and community leaders experience while we try to guide our students and young adults through this vital part of their lives. Join the JJEM Education & Consulting Team live on August 10th, 2023 for the online Whole Child Compass Conference – “Back to School Edition” as we embark on this educational journey to: 

Experience a deep dive into a multitude of professional development training sessions from seasoned professionals that move you beyond the surface and into resourceful practices for early education, K-12th grade, higher education, special education, marginalized populations, service providers, and community.

Identify and implement the fundamental components of a comprehensive restorative practices framework for student and school community use. 

Learn critical relationship-driven skills, strategies, and de-escalation techniques to work with students experiencing trauma and at-risk and challenging behaviors.

Engage in cultural competency of self development and growth as a community member and professional. 

Understand the impact of brain development and the role it plays in connection and disconnection. 

Develop a deeper understanding of MTSS, Equity, and the Whole Child through applicable action steps of collaboration, processes and procedures and data-driven decision making.  

Assess the key elements of a thriving school culture where today’s students, staff and families want to be.

Unpack research and best practices in connecting and creating safe spaces and safe schools for our LGBTQ+ students.

Leave the Whole Child Compass Conference feeling resourceful and ready to meet students where they’re at and equipped with new, actionable information and collegiate connections to start the 23/24 school year. 

Connect with over 15 diverse session trainers and content that is interwoven throughout this synchronous and asynchronous student-centered conference focused on adult practices, equity, belonging and research based strategies and interventions aligned to our work with students each and every day.

Keynote Speaker

Charlie Appelstein, MSW

“No Such Thing as a bad kid”

Start out the school year understanding and responding to students who have emotional and behavioral challenges using a positive, trauma-informed, strength-based approach and creating a positive, strength-based culture in your school.

Youth care specialist Charlie Appelstein, M.S.W., President of Appelstein Training Resources, LLC (ATR) provides expert strength-based training, consultation, publications, CDs, and DVDs for individuals and groups who work with children and youth experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges.                                                                 

Described as “the best youth care trainer in America” by Robert Lieberman, former president of the American Association of Children’s Residential Centers, Charlie has devoted his entire adult career to helping children and youth struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges and those who guide them. An engaging, informative, and humorous speaker, Charlie is the author of three critically acclaimed books on youth care and the creator of two innovative CDs that help kids and parents make better choices and lead happier lives. Charlie’s strength-based approach delivers a message of hope and possibility to our most vulnerable youth and those who shape and influence their live.


Click on the session titles to learn more about each session & speaker. 

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM CDT

Welcome & Keynote Session

10:15 AM - 12:30 AM CDT

Two hour Breakout Sessions 

Choose one two hour breakout session or two one hour breakout sessions to attend live. Session recordings will be available post event.

10:15 AM - 11:15 aM CDT

One hour breakout Sessions

Choose one two hour breakout session or two one hour breakout sessions to attend live. Session recordings will be available post event.

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CDT

One hour breakout Sessions

Choose one two hour breakout session or two one hour breakout sessions to attend live. Session recordings will be available post event.

12:45 PM - 1:45 PM CDT

Closing Keynote session

1:45 PM - 2:00 PM CDT

Meet The Speakers

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Why This Conference?

JJEM Education & Consulting, LLC strives to provide professional development experiences that exceed your expectations. Our learning events offer engagement, flexibility, networking, knowledge, growth, strategies, content, captivation, critical thinking, equity, diversity, enrichment, authenticity, reflection and action surrounding today’s student-centered professionals, communities, students, and families. In our professional development settings, learning outcomes are aligned, supported, and taught by the very professionals doing the work. Our mission is to provide a high standard of organic community learning for those who educate, lead, raise, work, advocate, coach, volunteer, or provide services, programming, and support for students in early education, elementary, middle or secondary school, higher education, and beyond. If these professional learning priorities align to your values, goals and work, The Whole Child Compass Conference…Back-to-School Edition is for you and your team.  

For today’s students, the ways they navigate the world of education, community, and life, are constantly changing. Digital optimization has added both limitless benefits and dire new challenges for our youth. Moreover, the evolving needs of our youth present new barriers and a greater need for applicable, ongoing training for those who work with them. To best meet these needs and serve our student populations, schools, classrooms, childcare service providers, community programming, and after school activities, we must continue to grow and adjust the way we support, communicate, guide, interact, and teach. This vital work truly begins to evolve when we invest in the very people doing the work with our students, in whatever role they play. They are our greatest asset. And, they notably seek quality, diverse, and inclusive collegiate networking and professional development opportunities led by experienced experts who have the “boots on the ground” background that drives their investment in the teaching, learning, and growth of other professional partners.  

The goal of The Whole Child Compass Conference is to provide access to trainings from varied professional leaders on expansive, critical topics, and educational opportunities that will help attendees successfully understand and meet their students’ needs. This conference presents instrumental content areas that provide a strong foundation of new learning in the areas of strength based communication, maximizing quality data and data analysis, mental health, trauma, cultural competency, reading interventions, MTSS, working with at-risk kids, behaviors and de-escalation, restorative practices and unconscious bias, and more! These crucial topics are designed to extend our learning and help us guide our students as we prepare to open the ‘23/’24 school year. 

For the Whole Child Compass Conference…Back-To-School Edition, I have hand-selected sixteen first-class educators and professionals who are not only passionate about serving their districts and communities but also desire to learn, grow, and commit to the education of our children. They are educators, administrators, teachers, community leaders, and parents, who have invested and dedicated their knowledge, time, and hearts to making a positive change in our schools, communities, and students’ lives. These incredible people are agents of change, child guides, ambassadors, advocates, out-of-the-box thinkers, data-driven problem solvers, strategic planners, champions for kids, and most importantly – they are people who live their lives putting the whole child first in every aspect of their careers and personal lives. They are people we can trust to educate and facilitate positive change within our communities. They are the vested professionals with the road map to growth, change, success, and fortitude as our students take the next steps in their lives.  

I invite you to take this learning journey with me and this exceptional team of professionals and lifelong learners. In both our synchronous and asynchronous learning time, you will explore important topics of today, with practices, strategies, and systems that will enhance the work you do professionally with students. As part of this extensive conference, you will have full access to all session recordings for ongoing learning following the live event.

Come along with us for the The Whole Child Compass…Back-To-School Edition and chart your individual or team course as a JJEM Education & Consulting learner and collaborator where together, we are guided by the heart of learning for every student, every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

This conference is pre-approved by the Minnesota Department of Education. Registered attending participants can earn up to 20 approved continuing education clock hours (synchronous and asynchronous). This includes BOSA professional development certification. Additionally, certificates of attendance will be available to all registrants.
Each session will be held live at the time listed on the agenda. Following the conference, session recordings will be available to registrants beginning August 15, 2023 until December 31, 2023.
Yes! Following the conference, session recordings will be available to registrants beginning August 15, 2023 through December 31, 2023 so that you can watch on your schedule.
Choose the session you are most interested in to attend live. After the event, you will have access to all of the session recordings through December 31, 2023.


Please reach out. We will get back to you within 2 business days. 

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