SPeaker INformation

SPeaker INformation

Ashley Hall

Owner Evolve U Fitness & Wellness, Executive Director Falls Hunger Coalition, Ashley’s Evolution Podcast

Ashley Hall is the co-owner of Evolve U Fitness & Wellness, and an Executive Director of Falls Hunger Coalition.

Ashely has spent her incredible career working with Evolve U Fitness & Wellness, where she teaches group exercise, leads lifestyle transformation programs, and works with various demographics to lead healthier lifestyles. Alongside this, Ashley also works with the Falls Hunger Coalition which is a hunger relief agency located in Koochiching County. Through her work and experience in hunger relief and fitness, Ashely has learned the wide scope of services and support that people need in order to live, thrive, and achieve their goals to aid them in taking the next steps in their lives.

Ashley graduated from the Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy, and is an advocate for not only those experiencing food insecurity, but for everyone who is living in rural Minnesota. She also has a variety of certifications ranging from a Certified Health Coach, to a Bootcamp Instructor, and much more.

Session INformation

Session INformation

Live Session: March 4th at 10:00 AM CST - 11:00 AM CST & 11:00 AM CST - 12:00 PM CST

Each of our communities, regardless of size or location, have resources available to engage and support our students and their families.

Whether it’s connecting students with hunger relief services, finding ways for them to become more active or bringing in speakers to diversify their thinking, you have options when it comes to helping students.

You will walk away with a document of ideas of what you can offer your students and a roadmap of how to create your own packet of offerings and services.