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Hi There!

Welcome to JJEM Education and Consulting, LLC! I am Beth Shermoen, the founder and heart behind this endeavor. As an educator with a passion for holistic learning, I am dedicated to empowering and inspiring fellow educators on their journey. Guided by the heart of learning, my mission is to cultivate a supportive community where we can explore innovative teaching practices, foster personal growth, and prioritize the well-being of both educators and learners alike. Through this website, I aim to provide resources, insights, and encouragement to educators seeking to create meaningful and transformative educational experiences. Join me as we embark on a journey of discovery and growth, driven by the belief that education should nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Our Mission

JJEM Education & Consulting, LLC strives to provide professional development experiences that exceed your expectations. Our learning events offer engagement, flexibility, networking, knowledge, growth, strategies, content, captivation, critical thinking, equity, diversity, enrichment, authenticity, reflection and action surrounding today’s student-centered professionals, communities, students, and families. In our professional development settings, learning outcomes are aligned, supported, and taught by the very professionals doing the work. Our mission is to provide a high standard of organic community learning for those who educate, lead, raise, work, advocate, coach, volunteer, or provide services, programming, and support for students in early education, elementary, middle or secondary school, higher education, and beyond.

What We Offer


Inspire and connect with audiences through heartfelt keynote presentations and workshops, sharing my own journey and insights into holistic education, personalized learning, and creating inclusive classroom environments.


Partner with you closely to understand your school's unique needs and goals, offering personalized guidance and support in implementing holistic education practices that reflect your values and aspirations.


Join us for intimate online gatherings where we delve into meaningful discussions, share practical strategies, and explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning.


Embark on enriching experiences where we can immerse ourselves in the vibrant energy of the education community, exchanging ideas, forging connections, and igniting our passion for holistic education.

Learn with me

Let’s embark on this collaborative adventure, embracing curiosity, growth, and embracing the heart of learning every step of the way.

What Our Clients Say

"I have the greatest respect for Beth Shermoen as an education leader. She has been a passionate student advocate, developing systems and structures of support that made a difference in the lives of students. She is intentional in relationship building with staff and community partners. Working with Beth has been impactful on my leadership journey as she is a natural coach."
Jen Larva
Director of Secondary Education, ISD 709
"Beth Shermoen came to the elementary school our children attended as the third Principal in four years. Families were leaving, teachers were leaving, and confidence in the district to make a solid leadership choice for the school was very low. As a community we were broken, hurt and sad, and we struggled to see our own potential. During her time leading the school she transformed the culture, engaged the community, built trust, developed leaders, and advocated for change. She embraced traditions, created new ones, and left behind a legacy of love. She elevated a school with nearly 70% of students on the free and reduced lunch program to a preferred place to work, and easy education choice for a diverse community."
Piedmont Elementary Parent
"Beth is an experienced school administrator. Beth goes above and beyond to connect with the school community and understands the importance of positive school culture by building strong relationships with staff, students, and families. Beth is dedicated to equity and as a reflective administrator is always working to learn how to improve outcomes for all children. She has worked to support staff development efforts regarding implicit bias and culturally responsive teaching practices and uses this knowledge to lead staff in improved practices of academics and social and emotional learning to ensure all students feel valued in every classroom."
Dr. Amy L. Starzecki
District Administrator, School District of Superior

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