SPeaker INformation

SPeaker INformation

Jacob Laurent

Climate Coordinator, Duluth Public Schools

Jacob Laurent currently works as  Climate Coordinator for the Duluth Public Schools District in Duluth, Minnesota.

Jacob has spent his diverse career experience working in a variety of educational settings and roles, including wilderness therapy on the Superior Hiking Trail, teaching, and Aventura instructor at a therapeutic boarding school in Costa Rica. More recently, he has spent the past eight years working in the Duluth Public School District, focusing on the social, emotional, and behavioral side of MTSS. Jacob started his career with ISD 709 working as the Dean at an Elementary school. 

Jacob is passionate about his work, and believes that happy adults impact and motivate happy kids, and that efficient systems, in addition to a “bucket filling” mindset, can make a tremendous difference in the educational profession.

Session INformation

Session INformation

Live Session: March 16th, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM CDT

A collaborative and impactful partnership with local police gives schools a heads up to support kids who have experienced trauma outside of school.  We will look at examples of working protocols and how to best support youth when a “Handle with Care Notice” comes.  The second half will share resources and guidance for  “Alternatives To Suspension” with variance depending on time and resources.  Presentation will include documents, resources, and protocols that can enhance a school system.

Live Session: March 16th, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CDT

What do we have control over everyday?  This session will start with a foundation in human needs and the impact of trauma.  From this foundation we will dive deeper into behavior, de-escalation, and how our response can influence others from an authentic and accepting lens.  We will go over strategies that can be proactive, to in the moment skills that can get us and the student back to calm.  Time will be spent delineating approaches based on age range.  A resource page with many helpful tools, resources, and processes that can be implemented the next day will be included in the slideshow.