SPeaker INformation

SPeaker INformation

Keith Turner

Athletic Director, Hibbing Public Schools, Co-Founder, The Promise Is You

Keith Turner has a graduate degree in Education and has worked in higher education student support services for more than 25 years. He has received his active shooter training and is a Clery Act and Title IX compliance officer. He has been an experienced collegiate-level coach for more than 25 years and has a number of conference titles and several All-Conference and All American participants. As a coach, he believes one should only ask from their staff what one is willing to do themselves. A team is a family and will not always agree, but it’s critical to keep the best interest of the team and college first at all times.

Carl Crawford

Human Rights Officer for City of Duluth, MN Council Member for Minnesotans of African Heritage, Co-Founder, The Promise Is You

Carl Crawford was selected by Mayor Emily Larson as Duluth’s Human Rights Officer in July 2016 after serving as Lake Superior College’s Intercultural Center Coordinator since 2007. As the Human Rights Officer, Crawford is charged with enforcing city and state human rights laws and works to ensure city services are accessible to all people without discrimination. In addition, the Human Rights Officer also serves as the Equal Opportunity Representative for the City of Duluth and the ADA Coordinator, responsible for enforcement of policies against discrimination and harassment, diversifying the workforce, and promoting accessibility for all residents.

Crawford brings a deep history of community involvement and human rights work to the position, including helping to draft the original Human Rights Ordinance, serving as past chair of the Human Rights Commission and was a founding board member of the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial. In addition, Crawford has served on numerous Boards of Directors, including Community Action Duluth, Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, Woodland Hills, Men as Peacemakers, the Ordean Foundation, SOAR, NAACP, and the American Cancer Society. He is the recipient of the 2012 MLK Jr. Drum Major for Peace Award, is active with the Family Freedom School of Duluth and is a longtime youth and high school basketball coach.

Session INformation

Session INformation

Live Session: August 10th at 10:15 AM CST - 12:30 PM CST

This training will identify and provide understanding of different perspectives in the world where we live, work, and play. It will explore the absence of diversity in our everyday lives and how bias manifests in our decision making, ultimately shaping what happens next. Together, we will work towards understanding the workplace culture in school settings and the natural tendencies that occur, which are imperative to shaping a more inclusive organization moving forward. Attendees will build cultural competency and understand how diversity and inclusion impact us all in the workplace as well as the world. By sharing struggles, overcoming barriers, and identifying values, we can work toward a deeper understanding of each other.